Become a customer

Factoring is available for companies that deliver goods or services to other companies (no private persons) and have a minimum sales turnover of approximately 400,000 USD per year, or expect to grow to this amount.

Are you interested how factoring can help you increase your cash flow? You can contact us via or click here.

You are always welcome to meet you, at our office or yours, to discuss your questions or specific situation.

We will request some additional information to process your request, such as:

  • Overview of outstanding invoices, including aging and debtor information
  • Small customer due diligence process (excerpt of Chamber of Commerce, copy ID of the owners, etc)
  • Additional information if needed

First you will receive a non-binding offer. When you accept the offer, we will perform a short due diligence process and we will submit the request to the Approval Committee. After this you will receive the contracts, we will set-up your account, your customers will be informed and we’ll start factoring your invoices.