Do you deliver goods or services to other companies? And do you have or expect an annual turnover of approximately 400,000 USD per year? Factoring may be the solution for you to improve your cash flow, reduce your workload and manage your debtors’ risk.

When you invoice:

  • you also send the invoice immediately to us
  • you will receive up to 80% of the invoice value immediately
  • we will perform all collection’s activities, send reminders, call debtors, book payments
  • we will take over the risk of non-payment
  • you will receive the remaining 20% minus our fees when your client has paid

Your advantages

  • Peace of mind, you don’t have to worry about anything except invoicing
  • Improved cash flow, you receive 80% of the invoice value immediately
  • You don’t have to send reminders, emails or call debtors anymore
  • We book the payments (detailed)
  • We are specialized to maintain a good relationship with your customers while getting the invoice paid. Our approach is based on your wishes.
  • When a debtor can’t pay, you keep the received 80%
  • With your improved liquidity, you can get discounts at your suppliers
  • Reduce employee costs as collection process is outsourced


To give you a good indication of costs we would need some information from you. The costs are based on several factors, like: profile of your customers, volumes and growth expectations. Our proposal will be based on your situation.

The cost structure:

  • Factoring fee: percentage over the invoice value at purchase
  • Service fee: percentage over the outstanding financed amount (normally 80% of the invoice value)
  • Minimum fee: if the factoring fee and service fee combined are lower than this amount, we’ll add the difference to the minimum fee
  • Set-up fee: costs at the start of the contract
  • You receive a monthly statement with all transactions: purchases, payments and fees.

There are no additional costs.


  1. Import factoring: Non-recourse factoring for international clients with Caribbean based debtors. This can be an ongoing structure or a one-time only deal.
  2. Local factoring: Non-recourse factoring for Dutch Caribbean-based companies with recurring transactions with debtors in the Caribbean region.
  3. Export factoring: Non-recourse factoring of our local clients with international debtors.
  4. One time purchase of invoices: We will consider a single purchase of one or a few invoices of debtors in the Caribbean region.
  5. Other services: We also provide services to other factoring companies with debtors in the Caribbean region:
    • non-recourse import factoring
    • collection only services